Go, wait for me in the bedroom.


Go, wait for me in the bedroom.

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NSFW on iTunes
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Saint Laurent (2014)
dir: Bertrand Bonello

Louis oh Louis

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Anonymous said: By any chance did you ever go on habbo?

What the heck is habbo? Is that a typo?

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Anonymous said: Just finished NSFW. Do you figure that the trauma of chasing someone with a naked barbie is what forced the drunk boss to lose his bearings and cheat on his wife, or did the mustache really seal the deal?

Glad it made you think. Thanks for watching ;)

For those of you who haven’t seen NSFW it’s available to buy or rent on itunes, amazon prime, google play, and youtube. links to come
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Secret lovers @sarahejacobs #samandjesse #reunioninorder @bztekola

Secret lovers @sarahejacobs #samandjesse #reunioninorder @bztekola

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The boy can’t help it. #binx #tumblr #sashagrey

The boy can’t help it. #binx #tumblr #sashagrey

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Anonymous said: Ever feel betrayed by investing in a pint of beer when in reality you find the idea of drinking a beer more attractive than the act of finishing? What I'm getting at is, you should buy me a whiskey.

I don’t drink beer. I don’t know who are are. I don’t think this is going to work out.

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I have(n't) been eating for you (REVISED) I willed it upon myself. Perhaps I even jinxed myself and now all I can find is heartbreak. My cheesy HEARTBREAK super-hero symbol has been displayed across the sky for at least a year. And everyone responds. All of the already heartbroken. The ones at their lowest. And I take them in. And I love them for it. I love them for all of their sadness and all of their heartbreak and all of their experiences. And I want to hear about it and not necessarily heal them (because everyone knows that musicians are always way better when they’re sad and drunk) but fill that void. And then their needs are met. Or somehow they are just so sad that I’m somehow making it worse. And they move on and I’m left with all of the heartbreak that I could have ever wanted. I’ve been eating for all of you.


I know having your heart broken is one of the most gut-wrenchingly-painful things that can happen to a person. But I don’t know that from personal experience. I’m not saying I haven’t had unsuccessful relationships, I’m saying I’ve just always been on the other side - the upper-hand, if you will….

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